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  food snobs

The need for laughter at the end of long weeks in a pandemic brought us together. Now we blog about our #Friyayfood and

the never-ending quest for perfect pizza and authentic Mexican. We also talk local restaurant fare and what we love about it... or (probably) don't.

We're food snobs, and a little proud of it. You in?


New Episode Every #Friyay

Our little snob-group is just like yours. It's #Friyay night and we're exhausted and hangry, but craving people-contact.

As attractive as the couch may look, we remember that;

laughter is, and will always be the best form of therapy so we head out to meet up. 

But don't even think about serving us inferior food.

Get Cooking

Because, well, you can't go out every night. (WAIT, Can you?)

#friyayfood #friyayfoodsnobs

Tag your #friyayfood #friyayfoodsnobs experiences on social. We'll find them and highlight YOUR best pics & reviews here.

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