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Pizza Dough Perfectionism

100lbs.+ of 00 flour and our favorite pizza oven in all the world, the Gozney roccbox.

When we embarked upon this journey, we had no idea the strength of the pizza oven community. In our quest for high hydration and the most perfect ingredients, we have bonded and become family. This is our basic, beautiful Neapolitan recipe.

Basic dough:

1 liter of room temperature water (4.22 cups)

4g fresh compressed yeast (1 rounded tsp) *or 3t of dry yeast

30g salt (2T.)

1.5kg 00 flour (about 10 -11 cups) *The gold standard for pizza dough, 00 flour is a finely ground Italian flour with an extremely fine texture that makes a very soft and flavorful thin crust. Don't use anything else.

Our fav: Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour

Dissolve yeast in room temp. water. Mix in 1c. flour. Let rest a min. to check your yeast. If it shows activity (bubbles), continue. Add salt. Use your mixer with the dough hook on lowest speed but only for the first 5-6c. flour or it will wreck the motor on your mixer (unless of course you have a Spiral Dough Mixer.) Turn onto a floured surface and knead the rest by hand until dough is smooth and elastic, 8-10 minutes.

Our fav: Famag Grilletta

Place in a greased (little olive oil) bowl or proofing container. Cover with plastic wrap & let the dough sit out at room temperature overnight (12-23hrs.) Slow fermentation brings the flavor to the crust. Then about 3 hours before using, shape into dough balls. We aim for about 265-275g./ball for the roccbox. If you're cooking in a conventional oven, about 450 g. for a large 16 inch pizza. Let rest in a dough box or airtight container until bake.

You can leave the balls in the fridge to use for 2-3 days or wrap and freeze.

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